Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa BOLO

Central to all units.......

  for a suspicious vehicle last seen in our county 10 minutes ago 
landing & taking off from rooftops. 
Vehicle is a candy apple red, 9-reindeer powered sleigh with white pinstripes 
& white leather tuck & roll seats.
Personalized license plate of NOEL1, November Oscar Echo Lima One.
The lead reindeer has a red strobe on his nose &
Jingle bells on his harness.
Driver is an elderly white male, 
*very* heavy build with a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.
Last seen wearing a red suit with white fur trim, 
a red pointy hat with white fur trim, 
wide black belt, & black boots. 
Subject has a full white beard, chubby red cheeks 
& a mischievious smile. 
There are several little people riding in the sleigh,
 last seen wearing tiny green suits with pointy
toed green slippers. 
The sleigh is packed full with red sacks stuffed with unknown items.
Last seen taking flight in New Hanover County.
Possibly northbound into Pender County at this time.
Subject's parting words were, "HO HO HO Merry Christmas to all,
 and to all, a good night."
 If located, North Pole PD and children everywhere are requesting that he be sent on his way, 
for he has good will and gifts to spread throughout the land. 


Peggy Wilson said...

That's awesome!

Melissa Powell said...

I'd do bolo this of I didn't get into trouble

Kim Hauff said...

Love it! I am on shift tonight so I will make sure our officers get a copy :)

Leslie Lim said...

It is great to have the opportunity to read a good quality article with useful information on topics that plenty are interested on.

WilOzzy Johnson said...

We used to this every year with a good chunk of southeastern Michigan departments. Sadly, the guy that started it all retired and we haven't done it since, it used to be the highlight of working the holiday for me.